Symposium 2023

Kære medlemmer og andre interesserede.
Hermed offentliggøres den første taler til vores symposium D. 26 August I Vissenbjerghus – Vojtěch Víta.
Vojtěch vil holde et oplæg der fokuserer meget på hans arbejde med Abronia slægten, I kan nederst i dette indlæg læse Vojtěchs egen præsentation af oplægget.

I skrivende stund er vi også ved at sætte billetterne til salg til symposiet, og vi håber selvfølgelig på jeres opbakning til arrangementet nok en gang.

Claus har i øvrigt lovet at grisen er bedre i år, og at der er mere af den!

Vojtěch Víta præsentation:

I am a lifelong reptile enthusiast, as I have grown surrounded by a lot of fascinating animals my father kept, and I had the possibility to try keeping my first reptiles at a very young age.
Since 2008 I am fortunate to work in Prague Zoo as an expert reptile keeper.
Thanks to my proffesion, I had invaluable possibilities to work with a wide spectrum of reptiles and amphibians, including some of the most emblematic species. Here, I also got a chance to learn all about husbandry to the slightest details from real experts. By the time, I have visited number of foreign countries, with a purpose of observing animals (especially reptiles) in their natural environment to learn about their natural behavior.
In my personal collection, I‘m especially focused on anguid lizards of genus Abronia. I‘m working with them since 2010 and since this time, I was able to reach about sixty + breedings of many different species and distinctive local forms. I have also reached long term repeating breedings of the same individuals as well as producing up to own F3 generation. I have organised several field trips to the distribution areas of abronias in purpose to observe them in the wild, study microclimatic conditions and natural cycles. So far I have been in habitats of more than two thirds of described species (and some more undescribed ones). My prime aim is to reach and share knowledge about abronias to help build a sustainable captive population, to minimalize impact on wild populations due to demand on these popular lizards.
As a result of my long term study, I prepared a lecture „Abronia – natural history, field observations, captive husbandry“ to be presented in a symposium of Nordic Herpetological Society.

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